SOFTWARE GUIDES Missing Solarmovie? Here is The List Of Top 10...

Missing Solarmovie? Here is The List Of Top 10 Sites Like


Missing Solarmovie? Here is The List Of Top 10 Sites Like

Home SOFTWARE GUIDES Missing Solarmovie? Here is The List Of Top 10 Sites Like was a free movie streaming site that aggregated content from a wide range of sources. This site made movie watching easy for the users. But, owing to copyright issues and other legal hassles, the site owners had to shut shops. SolarMovie worked like a search engine for movies. It was the platform which gave you quick access to free online movie sources. After it was shut down, users had to look for other options. There are plenty of sites that let you stream movies and shows for free. But, are they all good? Not really! Picking the right website is not always easy. This is why we have combed the internet and identified the top 10 sites like SolarMovie. Keep reading!



Hulu is easily one of the best sites like Solarmovie. It boasts of a huge collection of content from many parts of the world. Hulu is the platform from where you can get just about any movie or TV show. It offers the content in high quality and fast streaming. But, what I like about Hulu the most is that besides letting you stream movies and TV shows, it also gives you access to a number of live TV channels. There are more than 50 on demand channels you can request. Like Solarmovie and Netflix, Hulu has many Originals of its own.

Hulu is not free. You will need to buy a premium monthly subscription to access the services. However, it has a 30 days trial period where you can get access to full-featured services free a month. The regular monthly plan costs $7.99. Also, live TV is not the part of the regular subscription. In order to view live TV channels, you will need to pay an additional monthly fee.

Hulu is a cross-platform service available on a wide range of devices including iOS, Android, Apple TV, PC through a web-based platform and gaming consoles like Xbox One.



Yify has been around for quite some time and is very well known among the movie lovers and TV shows enthusiasts. Over the years, this content provider has continued to focus on making the top quality content available to the users. Yify offers everything for free. But, for certain types of videos, you need to sign up for an account.

Yify also gives you a lot of HD content for free streaming. Most of their videos have been aggregated and provided by third-party sources. They have multiple streaming mirrors for a particular content.

The developers have worked hard on the interface it seems. They have arranged the homepage well and laid out the content by various categories including latest releases, top movies, featured, and lastly added. In spite of this, the interface looks a bit cluttered and not exactly very legible.

This site has its own set of drawbacks. The biggest turn-off is the ads the site is infested with. A single click and you are barraged with multiple pop-ups. Streaming also isn’t very fast unless you have picked the right mirror. Also, while the site has a huge collection of movies, you will not find a satisfactory number of TV shows. There is a good chance you would prefer some of the other sites on this list over Yify.

3.Movie Watcher


Movie Watcher is another incredible option for those who miss and are looking for sites like SolarMovie. This site too has a pretty impressive collection of TV shows, movies, documentaries, events and more. This site too aggregates content from a variety of sources and hence there is a good chance of finding what you want to watch. Movie Watcher is known to update the content very frequently. This is why you will find many latest releases on this site. It also keeps you apprised of the upcoming movies and shows so that you know when to watch them.

Movie Watcher has a pretty neat and clean interface. It lists the upcoming movies, popular movies, new releases and new TV series on the home screen. In case you are looking for something specific, you can use the search box on the top right. It also has a menu bar on the top which lets you browse the movies by Genre, Year, Most Popular, New Movies, and TV series.

Movie Watcher is completely free of cost. But, users must create a free account in order to stream the content.



While most of the movie streaming sites focus on the new or recent releases, Movie4K lets you take a deeper dive and watch old movies as well. It simply means that this is the site to visit if you are looking for a wide range of content. Movie4K has maintained a pretty decent overall collection of movies. What I like is that many movies are available for HD streaming. If you have a good internet connection, this site will stream the videos pretty fast for you.

Movie4K is an aggregator like many other websites we have listed here. It does not host its own content. It works like a movie search engine. This is why when you look up for any movie on this site, you will find multiple streaming links to each. You can choose the one that you feel is the best.

As the name suggests, Movie4K is more about movies and less about TV shows. And yet, you will find some popular TV series features season wise.

5.New Movies Online


New Movies Online is definitely the website you would like to explore if you are looking for movie sites like SolarMovie. The name itself gives away what kind of content you could expect from this site. It gives you access to the latest movies, TV shows, documentaries and so much more.

New Movies Online has a pretty huge collection of videos. You can see the latest and most popular listed right on the homepage of the website. If you are looking for more, you can use the search box on the top. The website interface isn’t too bad but it could definitely have been better. It has laid out small blocks for all the genres and years separately on the top of the homepage. As a result, the interface looks a bit cluttered around the top. They could have instead arranged them menus like many other good sites. Nevertheless, if this isn’t much of a bother to you, you will find this site quite useful.

New Movies Online offers videos in many languages and from many parts of the world. This site is not the content provider but rather an aggregator like Solarmovie. This site lets you stream movies from different sources on their platform.



I wasn’t too sure whether or not to list Movies4U here as the sites like But, once I explored the site a bit, I realized it has merits to be a part of this catalog. I wouldn’t make lofty claims about this website as it is quite like the others we have talked about in this article. It has a decent collection of movies and some TV shows. You will find nearly all the movies that have been recently released.

Movies4U has also paid good attention to the interface. I like the way the navigation menu options are laid out on the top. They have made it easy for you to find the movie you are looking for. There is a search box too to find the movies by keywords. They have the list of the featured and popular movies on the home page. But, what I really like is that on the thumbnail of each movie or show, they have also mentioned the video quality. Before streaming the content you could tell whether it is available in HD, SD or Cam quality. Movies4U isn’t also plagued by ads and pop-ups like some sites on this list.

7.Haloa Movies


Haloa Movies is another website to look at as an alternative to I will not go as far as saying that it is the best movie streaming site out there. But, I will not mince any words in stating that it is worth exploring. I definitely like it more than Yify because it gives me an almost ad-free experienceThe site is free to use. You just have to sign up and create an account.

The homepage of the site is rather simple. They have the posters of less than 40 movies on the homepage. It takes some effort to skim through the list as these posters are so tightly packed on the screen. But, they have a hamburger menu on the top left which can click to see the list of all the genres and categories. They also have a search button on the top to let you look up for the movies by keywords.

The biggest disappointment is the lack of TV shows on this site. All they have is movies. That’s good for movie lovers. Those who are looking for TV shows must go someplace else.



Rainerland is another website that can be considered as sites like SolarMovie but with a twist. This website works on a completely different concept. It identifies the preferences of millions of users based on their viewing habits and suggests the content accordingly. This is why you will find a great deal of popular content on this site.

While Rainierland gives you access to a pretty decent number of movies, I have found it more suitable for those who are more into streaming TV shows. It has an incredible collection of TV shows and lists them by seasons. It also features a number of reality shows from different channels.

I am not saying that they do not have good movies. In fact, there are some pretty awesome movies here. You can look up for your favorite movies in a wide range of genres including drama, comedy, sci-fi, horror, crime, animation and more.

It looks like the developers of this site did not pay a lot of heed to the user interface, which is rather oversimplified. There is a lot of white space that does isn’t really meant to lend a visual appeal. The content is not listed in multiple categories on the home screen. ‘Newest Videos’ is the only category. But, there is a search box on the top you can use to find the content of your choice.

9.Yes Movies


This is another site I would be more than glad to put in the same league as Solarmovie. I have many reasons. For starters, the moment you land on the homepage you sense a feeling of familiarity, especially if you have used popular sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Yes Movies is a pretty professionally designed website with meticulous attention being paid to user-friendliness. Right on the top sits the menu bar giving you the option to browse the movies by genre, country, and more. The menu bar also lets you choose between movies and TV shows. And, there is a link in the menu bar to see the list of top rated movies on IMDB. There is an option to request for your favorite content as well if it is not there already. The site makes navigation even easier with the ‘A-Z List’ option in the menu bar, which when clicked lists the collection in the alphabetical order. In this section, the site has placed the buttons from A to Z. You can click any letter and see the list of the titles starting with that letter.

I was pretty impressed by their collection too. They have tons of movies and TV shows. All in all, it is a great site to stream your favorite videos. There is one problem though. You will see lots of pop-ups that somehow manage to override your pop-up blocker settings.



If you are looking for a platform like Slarmovie that gives you access to a huge collection of content and that too for free, Vumoo is what you would like to take a look at. Vumoo’s database boasts of more than 50,000 titles including movies, TV shows and documentaries. Everything is free here. The only thing you need to do is register on the site and create a Vumoo account.

The quality of streaming is pretty incredible too. Most videos are available in 720p HD but there is some full 1080p content too. Streaming speed is decent and you will hardly encounter any buffering (of course you need a matching internet connection too).

Vumoo has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. It lists the trending and popular titles on the home screen. For everything else, there is a search box on the top. Just type the name of the title you are looking for and if it is available it will be instantly listed on the screen. You can also look up for the content by genre, year of release, actors etc.

Vumoo is an aggregator and hence there is a chance you may get the link to the same title from more than one source. That gives you the choice to pick the best out there. And, what you will really be surprised to know is that in spite of being free, Vumoo offers ad-free and pop-up free experience.

Browse For More Sites Like SolarMovie

SolarMovie was considered to be a fine aggregator that let you watch movies and TV shows for free. However, due to some copyright infringement issues, SolarMovie had to be shut down. This site has millions of users who had to go looking out for more options to stream free content.

Thankfully, there are plenty of such sites out there and some of them are really awesome. Please note that some of the sites listed here may not be running their operations legally and may be breaching the copyright laws. We do not have any affiliation with such sites. We also do not encourage piracy. This article is only for informational purposes.

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