How to fix “FaceTime won’t connect” Issues

How to fix “FaceTime won’t connect” Issues

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In this short exposition, we’ll discuss why this problem takes place, and what you can do to fix the problem, as well as how to avoid it from ever occurring of your device again.

FaceTime is pretty easy to use. The app service provides state on the art video chatting facilities, in an interface fit for Board meetings yet simple enough for kids to use. But every so often, FaceTime can turn out to be a bit buggy. Many users often ask us if there is any method to get Facetime for PC, well, this post is not about getting this app on your PC, so moving forward you can search on our site for posts related to Facetime for PC/Windows.

Lets come back to the main topic.

Why Won’t FaceTime Connect on iPad or iPhone?

FaceTime requires a lot on information from your device to correct you in the most optimised way to your friends. It needs your device’s date and time to connect you in real time; it requires your Apple ID and Phone Number to identify your contacts accurately; it will need push notification access to deliver your calls and texts in time, and much more.

So if your FaceTime won’t connect, the problem is likely to be in one of these departments.

How to fix “FaceTime won’t connect” problem of iOS:

To get through this error, you might have to try out several methods. Since the problem is difficult to diagnose exactly without trying out several things, we’re listing all the properties and what they need to be set as to make FaceTime work, in no particular order.

Feel free to go though our Troubleshooting Guide for more help.

  • The easiest thing to do is to delete excess apps and data like images, videos and other useless stuff from your phone.
  • This should free up your memory, which can get jammed despite iOS devices coming with Cloud storage enabled. Reboot the app to terminate any stray background processes.
  • Facetime can also refuse to connect if your date and time are wrongly set. Go to settings, enter General and then enter Date and Time. Try “Set Automatically” if it isn’t already checked.

  • If it is checked automatically and Facetime doesn’t connect, disable the option and try entering the accurate time and date manually.
  • Please remember to update these if and when you change time zones while travelling or for Daylight Saving.
  • Many report the app just freezes at Waiting for Activation, or the buffer icon keeps rolling indefinitely. To cure this problem, go to FaceTime in Settings, and toggle the app service off and on with a few seconds in between.
  • The app should reset, and you can begin the registration anew, with the same details you filled in last. Hopefully, this time your app is activated.
  • You might have blocked the person you’re dialing of FaceTime. This might have been accidental, like it happens when you leave your screen active and in contact with your fingers in the pocket.
  • To check your Block list, Enter FaceTime under Settings tab. Open the Blocked tab and go through the numbers listed there.
  • You can unblock people individually, and your FaceTime will be ready to contact them without any more hassle.

The FaceTime app is among the most reliable iOS apps around. Since it is owned by Apple, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands. The occasional error isn’t that harrowing to deal with. But if you still get an error of the app, do try looking at our Troubleshooting Guide, or contact at your local Apple outlet.

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