[Solved] 100% Working- Fix the Screen Overlay Detected Error on Android

[Solved] 100% Working- Fix the Screen Overlay Detected Error on Android

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There are apps that can request to draw over each other. This is called a screen overlay. You might have noticed one when you get a message on Facebook Messenger.

The problem with Overlays is that when you have too many apps vying for prominence of your screen, your Android can get alarmed. This is not a bug per se; the quirk ensures that your device isn’t bombarded with too many messages and notifications at the same time.

However, it can be tough to manage when one app’s overlay remains active in the background and prevents other apps from bringing to your their notifications. Here’s how to fix those issues.

How to Fix Screen Overlay Detected

There are several things that can sort the overlay issue for your device. Not all might be immediately effective, and some might have to be repeated once in awhile, depending of how often you download new apps for your device. Here goes…

If the problem has started cropping up recently, after downloading certain apps, check the permissions and properties of that app.

If the app delivers messages or notifications via screen overlays, like Facebook Messenger, try disabling it.

Step 1 :

If an app has access to modify screen brightness, it could be the source on the problem. You can either disable the screen adjustment feature, or uninstall the app.

Step 2 :

Other features that could cause trouble include apps that animate the screen, some live wallpapers from third party sources and strobe apps.

Step 3 :

Certain apps have been identified as problematic. The way out of these is usually to substitute them with a non-invasive alternative, but if you’re a skilled Android developer, you might be able to make a mod on it that doesn’t cause a problem.

The apps are Clean Master and certain Camera apps.

Other Ways To Fix This Error

  • If you’re not in the mood for any of these, or if none on these work, wait for the error to appear again. Then, Click on “Open Settings”.
  • Tap the Search Button if your Android version has one, and look for “Draw over other apps”. You should see all the apps that can do this, and disable that feature from their settings, or simply disable them unilaterally.
  • IF you cannot search for the permissions, and the problem apps are not already marked, you can go through each on the apps you suspect and see if they are allowed to draw over others in the settings.
  • If nothing makes sense to you, simply disable every app and you can resume them each one at a time whenever you next have need on them. Most apps I know do not lose their data of being disabled, as long as you don’t format your SD card.


So this was a short guide of how to fix Screen Overlay Detected error of Android phones. The problem is unlikely to vanish soon, since the reason it shows up is to prevent the device from hanging, which I’m sure the developers aren’t too enthusiastic about removing. But these steps we listed above should help keep the error messages at bay. Do let us know what your experiences are.

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