Download Yik Yak For PC/Computer (Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 And MAC)

Download Yik Yak For PC/Computer (Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 And MAC)

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Every cool person used Yik Yak. More cool people are downloading it. Yik Yak is perhaps the biggest phenomenon to have hit teens and young adults. So, what is Yik Yak?

Yik Yak for not-Dummies:

Yk Yak is so perfectly enjoyable, it can make dead fishes laugh in glee. Ok, not so much then. But it is! Yik Yak is like tumblr for your location. People can post a Yak on random stuff going on in their heads. That Yak will then be catered to nearby Yak users.

Yik Yak lets you be totally anonymous, and express any and every facet you like to everyone around. People don’t know who is who, and that prevents social anxieties from cropping up, plus it keeps bullies away to a considerable extent. The app takes your location and so the fun stuff rolling onto your screen will be relevant and hence more relatable. You never know; you just might make friends with your high school bully and find out why he was such a douche to everyone at that time.

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Yik Yak for Android:

All you Android loving cool people can have a go at Yik Yak. The app is available on Google’s Play Store. The app will be easy to find in most countries. Due to security or other concerns, it might not be available in all countries. Yik Yak needs your location to run, so it isn’t a great idea to get a Yik Yak apk file either.

Yik Yak for iOS:

iOS users can Yak too! The app is available on iTunes and the App Store. The country condition applies there too.

Yik Yak for Computer- Can you get Yik Yak on a computer?

Yik Yak is not available for computers originally. The Windows Store doesn’t have Yik Yak. Lame, right? What does that Store even have?!

Yik Yak can still be accessed from a computer, though. Want to know how? Well, Android Emulators of course!

What’s that, you ask? Only the most amazing applications a PC can have! Imagine if you could have android run on your PC. That’s essentially what an Emulator does for you. One window will play Android OS on your phone while the rest of your PC runs the usual Windows or Mac OS. All of that with a simple download! Amazed yet?

Well then, let’s get right to the downloading bit. Here’s what you’ve gotta do…

  1. Download an Emulator

    BlueStacks ( is simple, and Andy ( has got all the looks. Choose whichever fits your style.

  1. Log In with a gmail account

    Once you’re done with the download and installation, you’ve gotta log in with a gmail account. This cannot be skipped, because a google account is how Play Store allows access to apk files. Make a fresh account if you don’t have one you’d like to use. It can be made right there.
  2. Look up Yik Yak

    Yik Yak can be found in the Play Store. Andy users can simply look for the Play Store icon. BlueStacks has an all-purpose yellow search button, where you can find the app by punching the name in.
  3. Download and relish!

    That’s all! The app will require you to sign up and you’ll soon be Yaking away till late at night.

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