Download Traffic Rider for PC – Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 And MAC

Download Traffic Rider for PC – Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 And MAC

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Traffic Rider is the bomb! Traffic Racer was too stressful and didn’t quite leave you with enough time to take in the detailed scenery. The developers heard this common complaint, and we got Traffic Rider.

Let’s all take a few moments to see why Traffic Rider is amazing.

Traffic Rider for PC Features:

Traffic Rider is one of the best road simulator games currently. The numerous features the game has are the main reason behind the game’s success. Traffic rider is one of those games which just doesn’t agree with mediocrity. It has gone all out in design, all out in animation and also in rhythms, apart from a whole lot of other features. Let’s see some of them here.

  • Traffic Rider is focused on the scenery more than the pace of the game. It gives you a lot of liberty to explore the beautifully crafted surroundings. Take detours; swerve; do whatever it takes to enjoy the scenic beauty the developers have carefully put in.
  • The game runs at a relaxed pace, but it has something for action lovers too. The game has missions a gamer can play to win cool rewards.
  • The camera view is in first person, plus with 20 bikes to choose from, each with their own sounds recorded from real bikes, this smartphone game almost topples into the realm of Virtual Reality.

  • There are leaderboards for the competitive players, and with support for 17 languages, you can be sure to find takers all around the globe.

With these many features and more, you’re sure to get addicted to this game. I have hardly been able to put down the phone.

Traffic Rider for Smartphone; Get Traffic Rider for Android and iPhone:

Traffic Rider is available on The Play Store for all Android devices. Log into the Play Store, and you’ll find the game a search away.

Traffic Rider is also available for iOS. The game is up for free download on iTunes or the App Store.

Traffic Rider for PC; Download Traffic Rider for Windows 8, 8.1, 10 and 7:

Traffic Rider is one of those games people are almost desperate to get. But turns out, small phone memories can really play spoilsport. Nobody should have to let go of one app to make space for another. But it still makes for a whole lot of heartache to not get 89 MBs of awesomeness because your phone memory is incomplete.

Others really want to experience the beautifully designed environment on a bigger screen. The craftsmanship that has gone into the game can only be admired on a proper screen, not on a 4 inch hand held touchscreen.

Well, for all those gamers, there’s a way out of their woes. If you have a windows PC, you can essentially run any Android Game on your PC. All you need is an application called an Android Emulator. 2 emulators we suggest are Andy ( and BlueStacks ( These emulators will run an Android interface in a window on your Windows PC. What this will do is turn your PC into an Android device with the bigger specs of your laptop, while still running Windows. No partitions or any other crazy hardware tweaking needed!

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Here’s how to get Traffic Rider on your PC:

  • Download an Emulator:

    While choosing, remember that Andy has better looks and runs a bit quicker. But BlueStacks is simpler, unembellished and really focuses on the app than on the app player.
  • Install and Log in:

    After installation, you will need to log in with a gmail account. This will be beneficial if you’re interested in downloading apps from the Play Store. You can also make one in the app itself, if you don’t have a previous account you’d like to use.

  • Search the app:

    For BlueStacks, the app has a big yellow search icon, which you use to access the game’s Play Store page. Andy Users can punch in the name in the search bar, or use the Play Store icon too.
  • Press Install, and enjoy!

    That’s all. You’re done! The game is ready to play on your PC.

Traffic Rider for Mac:

Traffic Rider doesn’t necessarily need a Windows PC to run. Mac users too can use an Emulator to play the game on their big screens. Andy and BlueStacks run on Mac OS too. The same steps apply!

  1. Download an emulator of your choice
  2. Install and log in with a gmail account
  3. Search Traffic Rider in the Emulator.
  4. Install
  5. Have fun staying glued to your screen for hours.

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