How to Delete your Story on Snapchat – 3 Easy Ways

How to Delete your Story on Snapchat – 3 Easy Ways

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The mobile app, Snapchat, allows users to create stories by capturing pictures, recording videos and making drawings, and sending them to their contacts, along with the captions.

This article sheds lights on “deleting a Snapchat story” by using different methods.

It was Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown and Bobby Murphy, who brought ‘Snapchat’ into existence, meaning a platform to communicate using pictures. It is overwhelming to know that Snapchat was created by them when they were merely students of Stanford University.

Little did they know that their creation will be super successful in the future.

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What You’ll Learn in this Post

How to delete/deactivate SnapChat?
How to delete your story on SnapChat?
How to delete snaps from your story?

Method 1# – The Wiping of Pictures One-by-One

1- Grab your smartphone and open Snapchat mobile application by clicking on the icon present, either on the ‘Home’ screen, or the ‘Menu’ section.

The positioning of the icon hinges on a user to user. Some users, who make heavy use of Snapchat, usually place the app on the ‘Home’ screen to reach it the quickest possible. Snapchat icon is yellow in color, which makes it easily identifiable.

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2- The next step is to press the ‘My friends’ icon, as soon as you see your phone’s camera starting up. The icon is represented in three horizontal white lines and can be found on the bottom right of your phone’s screen.

In the aftermath of doing this, ‘My Friends’ page will be visible on your smartphone, which encompasses all your contacts and whatever stories you share.

3- The username, which you have chosen yourself while creating the Snapchat account, should flash at the top layer of the respective page.

Going this way, you will find an arch-shaped thumbnail of your oldest shared picture in your story, but only if the pictures in question are left unseen by your contacts.

Such a thumbnail will appear adjacent to your username. To move ahead, click your name.

4- The moment you tap on your name, a drop-down menu will unfold with many options. On the tip of the menu itself, your Snapchat score and top contacts will emerge.

When pulled down, you will come to see all the pictures, either added most-recently or least-recently. Scroll the entire list, and choose the pictures you are unwilling to keep in the story.

5-  While clicking on each picture in the list, which you want to remove, you will notice a gear-shaped icon is appearing on the screen. Further, if you press it, the ‘Delete’ option will crop up.

Select it, and get the respective picture deleted.

What to Remember: Only unseen pictures can be dumped aside on Snapchat. If the pictures are viewed by your contacts, there is no way to delete them. The sooner you act, the better it will be.

Method 2# – Deleting the Snapchat Account

How do I delete my Snapchat? Is this question bothering you? No need to worry as our second method talks about deleting your Snapchat account so that there cannot be even a slight trace of what you have sent to your contacts. However, do not let the rule of thumb slip out from the memory – The sooner, the better!

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What to Remember: Photo-sharing app Snapchat allows the user to know the status of their sent pictures. There is a square-shaped icon at the bottom left of the camera screen, which takes you to the Snapchat menu.

This menu helps in identifying whether the snaps have been opened, or not. So, if you wish to know that either picture is seen or unseen, the Snapchat menu can do a great service.

1- Visit the official portal of Snapchat application, and land onto the ‘Support’ section using either a PC or your Internet-accessible smartphone.

Make use of the navigational options to make it to the account deletion section. Going forward, click on the ‘Learning the Basics’, and then the ‘Account Settings’.

As soon as you enter the sub-menu page, you will see the option ‘Delete an account

2- In this set process, you will be soon asked to provide your username and password of the Snapchat account. Enter the required information in the specified areas, and make way to the next level.

3- In case you evince your interest to deactivate your Snapchat account, what you have simply to do is to tap on the teal button along with your username and password boxes.

It must be borne in mind that the once deleted, you cannot recover the same account again. If in the future, you feel like getting yourself on Snapchat, you have to create a new account.

What to Remember: If it dawns on you that your pictures are still unviewed by your recipients, feel hesitant about your pictures getting seen, you can instantly delete your account, and the pictures should not show up in your contacts’ inboxes.

Method 3# – Access Past Pictures Using App Store

1- While many informative sources have so far succeeded in making us believe that the private photos sent via Snapchat remains in the system forever, and cannot be obliterated in any way, there is still a method to get better of this app, and reach the old pictures.

If privacy is your biggest concern, you can enter any of the app stores and find a cache-cleaning app to clear the data.

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2- To facilitate yourself, you can download free cache cleaning apps from the smartphones’ app stores. These applications help the users to mop up the internal memory and start afresh.

However, the instruction set for every such app would not be similar. You have to surf the application’s official set to understand the exact framework of the application and go through the user’s manual carefully.

3- Many of the cache-cleaning applications come with an excellent UI that empower a user to clean off the cache, or erase the junk files of one or more applications.

For deleting the Snapchat stories, you have to function definite and select only Snapchat stories to junk. By such an action, you are unknowingly ameliorating your phone’s performance by clearing the space.

Why Would You Want To Delete Snapchat Story?

  • However, you all would agree that it’s impossible to act virtuously every time on the Internet.
  • We all have acted impulsively on the social tools at some time, sending what shouldn’t be sent.
  • And, when such rude and offensive stuff is gyrated in the form of pictures, it can be highly ignominious for the sender.
  • Though Snapchat allows deletion of ‘Unseen’ pictures, there is no respite for users whose absurd pictures have already caught a look.
  • So, those who have frequently fallen into this stigma, we have come up with three ways to delete the Snapchat Stories. Have a look.