iMovie for PC- 7 Alternatives That Would Make You Awash with Excitement

iMovie for PC- 7 Alternatives That Would Make You Awash with Excitement

“Don’t fit in, stand out!” – This famous adage pops up in our brains when we dwell on the imposing journey of Apple Corporation, a highly-revered technology firm in the world. One wouldn’t be wrong to call the company as ‘over-ambitious’ about science and technology, and probably, this is a significant trait of the company to comprehend why Apple pulls no punches to have great feats of engineering.

The best alternative of iMovie for PC

Movavi video editor is probably the best alternative of iMovie for Windows, it has some unique features which makes it probably a better choice than iMovie. In Fact Movavi is the most downloaded video editing software after iMovie, one of the most famous and productive software in its genre, Movavi is one software which you can’t afford to miss in your computer.

Features of Movavi

  • Simple user interface with most powerful video editing tools, Movavi is better than iMovie for Windows in more than couple of ways. It is the most sought after free video editing software’s, widely popular amongst Windows users.
  • Movavi creates stunning slideshows with your pictures, videos and voice recordings; you can create stunning videos using this software and make it public.
  • You can easily share your videos, edits with your friends on social media or you can also upload it on youtube.
  • The best part about Movavi is that it allows you to import your source videos from digital camera or camcorders, VHS or TV- tuners and edit them as per your preference.

Click to Download Movavi For Windows/MAC

iMovie for PC free is still not available so we have rounded up the 7 best iMovie alternatives for Windows (7,Xp,8.1,10), so that you are never left stranded in the least possible way when you need one or in simple words we are presenting you a list of free video editing software.

  • DVD Slideshow Builder

Capturing the first slot on the countdown is DVD Slideshow Builder, a world-class video editing tool with a terrific built-in mechanism. You would find no solid ground to take exception to the excellence of the software, considering its immense potential to edit, add and share unlimited videos. Anyone, who aspires to be a video editor, cannot do without laying his hands on DVD Slideshow Builder. The software is truly a gem of all sorts, and an ideally fit for myriad professional tasks. It is laden with more than 480 eye-riveting movie styles – a factor which reflects its star-studded legacy. Besides this, it comes with the various 3D and 2D transitions. DVD Slideshow Builder has made the ‘export’ a cakewalk, as it allows export of slideshows in multiple formats. The ‘magic movie’ effect makes this software unassailably stronger.

  • Fantashow

Fantashow is yet another high-octane iMovie alternative for Windows, owing to its considerable range of video templates. The users feel empowered to have such a phenomenal template section, using which they can easily jazz up the appeal of their output. To improve the quality, the users can pepper their videos with texts, transitions and music. Fantashow is a front runner, thanks to its tech-ahead and intuitive user interface. This software is easy and fuss-free, allowing users to create stellar videos, and share them on various platforms in a trice. Fantashow also helps the users in personalizing their videos, showcasing their good and bad experiences in the most engrossing way ever. So, why to wait? Put forth your candidness with Fantashow.

  • Video Editor

iMovie has manifested itself with features that bolster up its ability, and this makes it gain a fortified position in the market. However, what seems be to giving it a tough fight on functionality front is the Video Editor, a software that supports more formats when compared to iMovie. Video Editor could make anyone go ‘hurray’ with its crop, rotate and combine features. Besides this, the software is loaded with rich sound effects, which add a unique flavor to the videos. The next aspect that commands the attention is the availability of automatic transitions in Video Editor. Undeniably, Video Editor is a perfect filler to iMovie for Windows devices. Download today!

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  • Light Works

Light Works is definitely a quality synonym to Apple iMovie. Light Works is a total stunner due to its exciting range of visual effects, which further couples with tilting effects. Apart from this, it is also associated with exceptional features, like 100 presents and highly modish multicam editing. The home users will be all smiles about the availability of a free version on the official website. Light Works supports all premium professional broadcast platforms – HD, SD and Red 4K – to name a few. This software has everything that comes to your distant thoughts about video editing.

  • Windows Movie Maker

This is a super-fast software when it comes to adding videos and photographs from the PC. Windows Movie Maker is drawing a favorable response from the masses on account of its features like adjusting the music as per the requirement, and adding a distinctive theme to the video. This software also comes with great sharing options, using which the users can share their work on YouTube, Facebook and other desired social platforms.

  • Magix Movie Edit Pro (Plus)

Any video editor that stands synonymous with the sheer brilliance of iMovie is Magix Movie Edit Pro. This software ensures an overwhelming response to the users’ videos by bringing them to the service of 1000 special effects as well as fine transitions. Nothing comes close to the swiftness with which Magix Movie Edit Pro works. This software makes every product ‘unique’ in its own way, soldifying its appeal to the senses. Adding more words to its exceptionality, Magix Movie Pro allows users to import and edit 3D movies, and has a full HD support. The user interface is easy and simplified.

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  • Corel VideoStudio Pro

Corel VideoStudio Pro has something to raise a toast to – a line of quick-edit features. Apart from this, this software has an array of movie templates, transitions, title effects and HD capabilities. A number of sharing options are what separate Corel VideoStudio Pro from the rest. It has a high-performance user interface, which makes video-editing process a walkover.

So, why to stifle your video-making desires when you have such impressive alternatives to iMovie? Download, whichever you find interesting, in the above list, create professional videos, and exhibit some ambition.

Wrap Up

We are wholly convinced that you have felt delectation while going through this post. We hope we are leaving you with no doubt in your head. For more updates on the latest technology and tech news from around the world, keep checking our blog ‘BloomTimes’. You can also share this article with your friends on Facebook, Google+ and other social media profiles. Have a good day!

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