KIK for PC – Free Messenger Download on Windows 7,8,10 (Updated 2020)

KIK for PC – Free Messenger Download on Windows 7,8,10 (Updated 2020)

KIK Messenger is a well known chatting app famous for its unforeseen features, over the period of time the craze of this app has not fallen down and that is the reason everybody wants to install it on their PC. Today in this updated guide we will teach you how you can download KIK messenger on your Windows PC.

I know that KIK is a part of your everyday activity, and like everyone else, you are trying to get this messenger on your computer. So, finally, we have found a way to download KIK on PC.

We have compiled the most comprehensive guide to download KIK for PC. It’s a short guide on getting KIK messenger on PC, the estimated reading time for this post is 7 minutes.

In this guide, you’ll get a step by step method to download KIK Messenger on your computer. You can even Download KIK on Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10. As you know, KIK is an extremely popular app for youngsters and kids. So, the PC version of KIK was always on the card. Thanks to Bluestacks Android emulator, now we can download KIK on PC and send messages to our friends’ mobile from PC.

Note: – Please note that this method has been tested on a Windows machine running Windows 7. The total time taken in the whole process was found to be 15 Minutes.

Some Stats About KIK Messenger

2nd Feb 2016 – KIK Messenger PC has reached to 275 million users. Founder Ted Livingston said this is nothing to be proud of. It’s just a metric.

kik messenger users

Acc. to TechCrunch, It has higher user engagement than Snapchat.

KIK is yet another front-line instant messaging application that has seen many users singing its praise.

kik for pc

What is KIK?

KIK is a smart, crisp and trendy app that falls into the same category as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, BBM and others. If you have any one of these, you must be in the know about how they work. KIK messenger is an end-to-end delight that allows users to send the messages on the go, either through a WiFi connection, or a cellular data top-up on smartphones. Equipped with a bouquet of remarkable features, the app is laced with the capability of sending unlimited messages, pictures, video, voice recording and other content to the recipients around the world. As a result, KIK has outplayed its competitors by introducing innovative features. Recently, it introduced a feature which enables you to share previously recorded videos, reported by

KIK for PC is no myth. The presence of android emulators such as BlueStacks, Andy have made it possible. Now you can download KIK Messenger on your Windows and Mac computers.

KIK is a cross-platform app that boasts compatibility with Android, Windows and iOS devices. KIK for computer is also a very popular version. A group of tech aspirants from the University of Waterloo rode on their imagination and created this marvel in the year 2009. Soon after the official launch, a total 1,000,000 users connected to the newborn app, and since then, there is no end to the massive acclamation. Today, KIK flaunts a stupendous count of 120 million users, donning the crown of the most versatile app, and rightfully so. Those who use KIK are jovially referred to as ‘Kiksters’.

KIK for PC Windows 10,8.1 and 7

It is much better to use an Android emulator if you wish to have Kik for Windows 10. If you do this, you will enable your computer to act like an Android device, and thus be successful in running the app. Whatever option and feature you want to get your hands on, will be available for use. You can easily download kik Messenger on Windows 7 computer using the method given below.


Having sifted through the list of Android emulators, the one which is perfect for the job is Andyroid, renowned for its high functionality and stability. Once you are in the process of downloading or installing Kik Messenger on PC, this guide will facilitate you thoroughly without fail, and it will consume not more than 10 minutes for the process to end. And, not to miss, this is absolutely free of charges!

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This is How We Can Download KIK For PC

Step 1- First of all, download the emulator ‘Andyroid‘ by landing on its official portal ( Once you descend on the respective page, you will notice a prominent ‘Download’ option, which you are supposed to click. This will save the file in your downloads folder unless you have configured your browser to save downloaded files elsewhere.

andy websiteStep 2- After its completion, double click on the Andyroid icon to initiate the installation process. There will emerge several sections which would seek your confirmation, for which you have to respond in the affirmative.

andyroid logo

Step 3- The emulator should be installed now. Subsequently, a screen that will look identical to the new Android tablet page will appear. Soon, a little ‘Google Play’ icon will come to your notice at the bottom right of the screen.

andy interface

Step 4- On double tapping on the Google icon, you will be directed to your Google Play account. The next thing is logging in to your Gmail account to sync your personal account with Andyroid. If you have downloaded Kik already, the app will sync everything on its own. Else click on the search bar in Google Play and type ‘Kik Messenger’. Install it.

install kik on andy

Step 5- Once the downloading is complete, double click the app, and you will be able to use it from the moment onwards.

You can also download KIK for PC using BlueStacks emulator. To know the procedure, read this detailed tutorial about downloading kik using bluestacks.

download kik for pc

Download KIK Messenger for PC using Bluestacks

Bluestacks KIK on computer is the most highly rated Android emulator available in the market. Thus, by using this emulator you can install Kik on PC without any problem. The video given below will guide you step by step, about downloading Kik messenger for PC.

Download Kik Messenger for MAC

The Kik Messenger is an instant messaging app which is fairly equivalent to WhatsApp. The main advantage of KIK over the other top messaging app is mainly that of Kik Messenger do not requires a phone number to share with others, especially unknown people. But how does it actually work on a MAC? Or we can say how to get Kik Messenger for MAC? As we know how to download Kik for PC but we have not discussed yet how to get it on MAC. Nevertheless, we are going to tell you how to get this wonderful messaging app on your MAC.

Download Procedure

Made possible by the all-around tool BlueStacks which can run any imaginable Android App on your PC, KIK for MAC download is a cake walk using this emulator. Note that you need to have an account in Google Play store. And that is how it works:

  1. Download BlueStacks emulator in your MAC from here.
  2. Install the program on your MAC.
  3. Start BlueStacks and follow the instructions on the screen.
  4. Search for the Kik Messenger and install the app on your MAC.
  5. Now the Kik Messenger is downloaded to your MAC.
  6. Go to the search screen of BlueStacks and search for “Kik“.
  7. Click on “Log In” and fill the entry to log in to your existing Kik account.
  8. Alternatively, you can also create a new account.

kik for mac

Kik Messenger for MAC: Disclaimer

Please note that this process to download Kik Messenger on MAC is obviously not intended by the original developers of KiK. Therefore, it may create some problem in running like occasional crashes. Alternatively, you can also go for other Android emulators like Andy in place of BlueStacks to download KiK on your MAC.

macbook pro retina

KIK Messenger Features Explained!

Kik Messenger including KIK PC version is by far the most popular Internet Messaging service we have around. It excels Whatsapp, and other popular messengers in the ease of use, user satisfaction, and fun quotient. But what is it that gives the app all of these qualities? Well, the features, of course!

Kik perhaps has the most exhaustive set of features among all the IM apps we have. What’s wonderful about this is that the features, though numerous, are still reachable in a maximum of two screen taps. It is essential to the app’s popularity.

Well then, let us talk about the features the app boasts and how we can find them, and get the most out of them.

  1. Easy Photo Sharing within chats

    We all know how fun it is to chat on Kik. But then there are so many other apps that can give you a great interface to enjoy in chat windows, you’ll say. Well, it is rare for apps to combine text and picture modes. And of course, the amazing Kik pulls off this rare feat with utmost ease. Kik’s ease of access takes an entirely new dimension when you discover that you can click pics and take videos without leaving the chat screen. The camera can be accessed in the space for the keypad itself, and you can read your friends’ messages as you take pictures at the park or record videos to send to your family. It is like Facebook meets Snapchat, only cooler.To use the camera within the chat window, you can simply use the same option as you use to send attachments from the gallery or to send a gif. Yes you can send gifs too. Coming to that later.

    Oh and yes, your camera can go full-screen if that’s how you’d like to use it. Simply tap the enlarge button on the top right.
  2. Gifs at the tip of your fingers!

    Gifs are the biggest internet sensation after teenagers discovered memes. There has been no respite from the fever of sending and receiving these moving pictures, often edited to make them funny. The only shortcoming till now has been the need to search and keep a store of gifs with you to share at the right time. Well, no more of that! Gifs are readily available on your fingertips if you use Kik. The app will detect what you’re talking about and will show you gif suggestions that load instantaneously! Talking about food? “Joey doesn’t share food!” is only too apt. Plus, no need to download the gif to view or send it! There simply is no comparison.To send a Gif, simply type in what you want to talk about and wait for the Gif suggestions to come up. Or, you can use the attachment button to go to Gifs and then search and select whichever gif you want to entertain your friends with.
  3. Adding friends is a piece of cake.

    Fumbling with the keyboard to enter your friends’ User IDs which have only become exceedingly complex because all the good and simple and witty ones were already taken? Kik found a way out of this too! Committed to not making you share your phone number to find friends, Kik introduced us to its new code scanning interface. Now a quick scan is all there is between us and our friends on the app. The users couldn’t be happier!

These are some of the latest features of kik. It’s quite a privilege to witness the growth and innovation the app has seen in all its history. It makes it easy to see why the app is unbeatable at number one!

Can you use KIK online?

We have been getting messages, comments and emails from our users asking, “Can I use KIK on my computer online”, “How do I login KIK Online” and so many. So, we have written a detailed guide on using KIK Messenger Online.

Update: April 13, 2016

Is KIK a completely safe application? There were some rumors early this month about the safety of kik and there are some undesirable elements who try to snatch off your personal data from the application. We want to assure our readers that those accusations were completely false since the messenger is being enjoyed by millions of its fan in America and elsewhere without any hiccups. Furthermore, the company takes good care of all technical flaws of the app and keep on coming up with new updates.

In Conclusion

We are wholly convinced that you have successfully downloaded KIK for PC. We hope we are leaving you with no doubt in your head. For more updates on the latest technology and tech news from around the world, keep checking our blog ‘BloomTimes’. You can also share this article with your friends on Facebook, Google+ and other social media profiles. Have a good day!


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