Spokeo Login & Sign In Tips – Step By Step Guide!

Spokeo Login & Sign In Tips – Step By Step Guide!

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Is there a long lost friend from high school with no social media tracks you would like to trace? While we say that everybody is on Facebook, the truth is that everyone is not. If you are looking for someone from the yesteryear of your life, you might have to go another way. Spokeo login is an online service that helps you track people you are not able to get in touch with. Whether you are looking for a schoolmate, estranged lover, or some distant relative, there is a good chance you might find them on this site.

In this article, we will give you the Spokeo login instructions. But, before that, we would like you to know that logging in to this service is not always necessary. You can run a free search on Spokeo much like you do it on Google. It is only when you decide to buy the premium Spokeo sign in service you will be required to log in.

Signing Up For Spokeo

If you wish to use the advanced features offered by this service and unlock all your search reports, you will need to sign up for the premium service. The premium search reports may include the following details

  • Full Address
  • Family Members
  • Birth Month/Year
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Location History

Here is how you can sign up for the services:

  1. Open the web browser and visit the page https://www.spokeo.com/purchase
  2. On the right, you will see the list of the membership plans. The following three plans are available at the time of writing this article:
    1. $4.95 per month (for 6-month membership. Must be purchased by paying the lump sum for 6 months, i.e., $29.7). This plan is the ‘Recommended’ one by the website
    2. $7.95 per month (for 3-month membership. Must be purchased by paying the lump sum for 3 months, i.e., $23.85). This plan is for ‘Moderate Users’ as per the website
    3. $13.95 per month for the ‘Casual Users’ and is paid monthly
  3. Once you have made the choice, you can provide the payment details under the ‘Secure Checkout’ section. Here are the details you need to provide:
    1. Email address (which will also be used to log in to your Spokeo account)
    2. Name of the Cardholder
    3. Card Number
    4. CVV
    5. Expiration Date of the Card
    6. Billing Zip
  4. You will need to accept the Terms of Use by checking the box
  5. Once all the information has been provided, you can click the button labeled ‘See Results Now’
  6. In one of the subsequent pages, you will be able to create your Spokeo Password as well

Logging In

Once you have signed up for the premium services, you can log in to your Spokeo member login account. Here is what you can do:

  1. Visit the following link in your web browser: https://www.spokeo.com/login
  2. You can now log in with your email address and password that you created
  3. Spokeo also allows you to log in with your Facebook or Google account. However, in order to need the premium services, you will need to buy one of the available plans
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Password Reset

In case you forgot your password, follow these steps to reset it:

  1. On the login page (https://www.spokeo.com/login) click ‘Forgot your password?’ link (or you can directly visit https://www.spokeo.com/password/new)
  2. In the Reset Password section enter your email address and click ‘I’m not a robot’ checkbox
  3. Now click ‘Reset Password’
  4. You will receive an email with the password reset link; click it to reset your password

In case you have forgotten your username as well, follow these steps:

  1. On the password reset page (https://www.spokeo.com/password/new) enter the following information in the ‘Retrieve login info’ section:
    1. Full name on the credit card that you used to buy the Spokeo premium service
    2. Last 4 digits of the same credit card
    3. Exact date of purchase of Premium services
  2. Once you have provided all the details, click ‘Retrieve Login Info’
  3. You will get onscreen instructions to retrieve the information


For most of the part, Spokeo finds the information you are looking for. However, many may consider it intrusive and spooky. In fact, on the Purchase page, Spokeo itself says that the information you find could be shocking. So, use it at your own discretion. The website operates legally and thus you will not be doing anything unlawful by looking up for people. However, if you yourself are found by others, you may not like it. So I hope you know how accurate is Spokeo.

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