1065 Cool Instagram Names for Girls and Guys- Updated 2020

1065 Cool Instagram Names for Girls and Guys- Updated 2019

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In this post, we are going to avail you a list of Instagram names that are unique as well as cool, apart from that we will also explain to you how to create a cool username for your Insta ID.

Be different! This is what we have been hearing gazillion time since our birth. We live in an era where being one of a remarkable kind is not a requirement, but a necessity. And, even the social media is not immune to this apparent fact.

It is not uncommon to see users, scratching their heads and thinking of mind-boggling self-explanatory ideas, so as to clock up a winning impression. Social media is all-pervasive, and broadening its horizons, therefore, every user struggles to build a unique identity in a bid to raise above the ordinary, and he knows merely a birth name wouldn’t do much.

Cool usernames for Instagram girls which you can use for your profile for more reach and also search for best creative Instagram names or in short Insta names you will find lots and lots of cool names for Instagram. Good Instagram usernames for boys are also available and you can use these usernames for Instagram to make your profile attractive also it will help is reaching people sometimes if they like your username.

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Names play a vital role because it is our name which differentiates us from the rest, and thus we shouldn’t relegate our names. But, it’s interesting to see how social media has strengthened the creative visions of the users. Today, we come across usernames which are cleverly innovated, not only to muster an overwhelming response but also open bigger and brighter possibilities to connect and engage.

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Instagram Usernames Ideas

  • Instagram is a well-known social media hub where users seem constantly to be on the attacking mode with their classic, gritty, and sometimes bizarre usernames.
  • Released in 2010, the photo-sharing app is full of excitement. The more you scroll down, the more you be in incredulity.
  • You will be in awe, seeing a big colony of Instagram pros and their superb daredevilry when it comes to usernames.
  • Instagram is a platform that not only encourages novelty with regard to clicks but its every aspect.
  • Instagrammers surely know how to reach their audience with their coolest usernames, and everything imaginable.
  • However, not many know the art of creating witty, resonating Instagram names to go great guns. Here is how you should decide your Instagram handle.

Instagram Names- How To Create It On Your Own

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Reckon Yourself

  • It is indispensable for you to have a confidence within you. Let every work performed by you show your inner vision.
  • Instagram names must ooze your real persona. Your name should be such that everyone who comes in your contact must hanker after going through your profile and establish a contact.
  • To elevate yourself from the horde, try not disguising yourself as someone who you aren’t, and put your best foot forward in every scenario.
  • Remember, social platforms aren’t where you should engross yourself in empty talking, but be genuine every time. Your account shouldn’t be a damp squib.
  • This makes me remind of an adage, “First impression is the last impression”.

Adjective Plus Noun Can Work Wonders

  • Instagram names showcasing an ideal fusion of an adjective and a noun can surely shake the online kingdom.
  • It is irrelevant to say that adjectives qualify a noun, and as such, your name must be associated with a potential, easy to pronounce adjective, which underlines your caliber as a whole.
  • Hand-pick a striking combination, so as to emphasize on your competence and credentials. However, make sure not to go into overdrive as exaggeration always backfires.
  • Adjectives should be novel and penetrative, and not hackneyed. Fix your focus on framing up a perfect unit, words that complement each other and put you in your true light.
  • A lopsided strategy would be laughable and taken as a crass attempt.

Pick What’s Unpicked

  • Choosing a name will be like a person who is standing on a path which has worked and it is cumbersome to choose the one.
  • The golden rule is that the path which is being chosen should be less trodden. Similarly, when you vie for supremacy on Instagram, go for names which have been largely untouched otherwise the users will be like driven cattle.
  • However, there is a thin line between unique and quirky which must not be forgotten. Names should hold a meaning to them and must appear in sync with your personality.
  • To maintain a distinction, a bundle of tricks can be of great advantage. Just putting a dot, an underscore or a hash can keep you apart from the rat race.

Go For Something Memory-friendly

  • Guess, what makes people smitten with Instagram names. Their capability of stirring the brain cells, and getting etched in the memory for good.
  • An attractive piece of Instagram name isn’t enough to pitch you higher on the network, it should be easy to recall and memorable.
  • Choose a short, simple name that keeps you on the wings. If you fail to stick yourself to the minds, you would be less findable on Instagram, and not be able to earn a lustre of your own, and the desired objective will be forfeited.

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Think Hard

  • While choosing a strong Instagram name, you should refrain from beating about the bush. Take time, do not be in a hurry to reach a conclusion haphazardly, or you will land in trouble.
  • You shouldn’t act as a foolhardy person does. When we have ample time, we should use it discreetly. Put your mind at work, and keep jotting down the ideas that emanate, so that nothing slips out from your memory.
  • Once this process ends, introspect on the assortment of ideas, and pick the suitable name. Remember, a fowl in hand is better than two in the bush.

How To Get Cool Instagram Names For Guys

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We are here to suggest you cool instagram names that aren’t taken, So guys if you have picked your cool username but unfortunately its taken then don’t worry as we will teach you how you can modify some already taken usernames and make it all yours.

You can add numbers


  • CuteChick1991
  • Dreamboy1993
  • EyeCandy08
  • ThatBohoGirl01


One more tip, please do not add any irrelevant number in your username, I mean make it more personal, add your date of birth or your favorite year, you can also add your postal code in your username, and yes 007 has become too out of fashion so please do not try to be bond because girls do not likes James Bond anymore 😉

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You can also add dashes, underscores and dots in your username

For Instance:

  • Sugar_daddy
  • I.V.A
  • Your-doll-

If this doesn’t work you can also try to change the spelling

List Of Cool Instagram Names:

  • Luvbug
  • Stayprety
  • Instagangster
  • Coolkido
  • Sam4luv
  • Theyellowthread
  • Bohofashion
  • Barca4ever
  • Incorringibly_human
  • Thegirlfromthepast
  • Vintageluv
  • Naturegift2010
  • crazy
  • phil
  • The_line_up

We hope you would have really liked our ideas to generate cool Instagram names not taken, if you have more ideas or some other cool usernames please share it in the comments below.

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