41 Best Android Subreddits That Will Make Your Life Easier

41 Best Android Subreddits That Will Make Your Life Easier

We are pretty sure that you are aware of how awesome a thing, Reddit is. Reddit comes with the tagline, the first page of the internet is a collection of various links from all over the internet. The whole system of adding links is based on upvotes and downvotes.

The entire of Reddit is divided into various subreddits and the users can choose which subreddit to follow based on their interests. The homepage comes divided into various options to choose such as “Hot Reddits, new Reddits, rising Reddit’s, controversial Reddit’s, top, gilded, promotion Reddit’s”

Now, if you are a technology freak, you would certainly be looking for some awesome tech related subreddits to follow. These subreddits will make your life easier, and yes, we mean it. They are actually very useful. You will get all super awesome links from all over the internet, in just one place. Isn’t this awesome? You can choose the ones you like and ignore the ones you don’t.

Reddit is the aggregator of social news. It is also a discussion and content rating website. You will be surprised to know that some of the most viral posts doing the rounds in the world were first posted on Reddit. Subreddits are an integral part of Reddit social site. Subreddits truly make what Reddit is. There are hundreds of subreddits on this site. We have marshaled some of the best ones for you. Take a look!

So, We have a list of 10 of those subreddits which you can follow right now. We are listing all of them along with a basic introduction of each of them.

Android SubReddits You Must Follow Right Now

1. r/Android

This is the main Android subreddit. Though it is not very specific as it does not deal with any one particular android related topic. This subreddit deals entirely with Android and contain links to the most top-rated content related to Android. As aforesaid, this also is divided into various categories such as hot, new, wiki etc.

All android updates including new smartphones, Android updates, development, google play application etc. are contained in this particular subreddit.

In a nutshell, we can consider this subreddit as the parent subreddit of all other daughter subreddits.

2. r/AndroidQuestions

This subreddit contains answers to the various Android related problem. Though not only problems, other android related questions are also here. If you are seeking for an answer to some of your problem, then you need to check this subreddit out. You will find various new topics to think and try.

This subreddit is a must for those who do not have much technical knowledge about android but still aspire to learn more and more. Simply go to that particular subreddit and start looking for some topics to read on. You will find a lot of links submitted by others, the one which you find suitable for your read, click on that and end up gaining knowledge.

3. r/androiddev

It is pretty clear from the name itself. Yes, this subreddit is basically made for developers who are in the field of Android development.

A lot of technical questions from programming to scripting can be found under this subreddit. If you are a developer who seeks to learn more and more stuff, you need to follow this subreddit.

This is also a perfect place for hardcore programmers, because, not all topics discussed here are basic.

Discussions on questions and links to various development related posts can be found here and the followers can choose, what they prefer, links or live discussion.

Python, PHP, Java etc are few languages that are dealt with, under this subreddit.

4. r/androidapps

Ahh!! This is the subreddit that we love the most and we have a very strong reason behind it. This subreddit gives us information about almost each and every famous android application that is launched. We simply go through the subreddit and look for some cool apps. This way helps us in finding a lot of useful android apps which we would not have known of if we were not following the Android apps subreddit.

You too can do the same and can end up finding some super cool, or super useful android apps.

Anything can be found on Reddit, you never know

5. r/AndroidGaming

As the name suggests, this subreddit is related to gaming but the gaming is only confined to Android games only. No other platform games are discussed here.

In the same way as the android apps subreddit, this subreddit also helped me to discover many new and awesome android games which normally never appear in Google Play suggestions.

Apart from the links of the games, discussions about various gaming related topics also take place in that particular subreddit.

Including everything, following and going through this subreddit is actually a lot of fun as you get to know about many new things.

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6. r/PickAnAndroidForMe

When it comes to buying a great Android device for ourselves, we often get confused. We aren’t able to figure out, which specs will suit our needs, what processor to choose and other such backend queries.

If you to suffer from a similar situation , this subreddit is made for you.

Live discussions on topics such as “Device A vs Device B” takes place every now and then. You too can put up your own queries and get your task done.

We are pretty confident that if you spend some time in that subreddit , you will be able to find a better android device for you.

7. r/AndroidWear

Pretty much clear from the name , this Android related subreddit deals with wearable devices that are based on the android operating system.

Now you would be thinking , is it a big deal ? why is there a subreddit for android wear ?

Well actually , there are many advanced queries that are dealt with in this subreddits. Few examples include keyboards for android wears or smartwatches or even flux for android wears.

Apart from those wearable devices related queries , comparisons between two devices are also very common in this subreddit.

8. r/AndroidThemes

This subreddit mainly deals with the customization of various android devices. Developers who usually develop mods or themes or other appearance-based stuff are basically the main attraction of this subreddit.

The basic advantage of following this subreddit is that you can customize your android in the best way possible which normally , you would not have done.

If you are active in this subreddit , you will come across various good themes and you can download them and use them. Moreover , you can also find some stuff that is actually made for your device model.

9. r/ShittyAndroidReviews

This subreddit is not very active and does not have much stuff. I should say that this subreddit failed to find a niche despite its huge potential. we are saying this because we have spent quite some time in this subreddit and we really found this subreddit very amazing.

Mainly concerned with android reviews , you will find many funny reviews that will make you roll on the floor laughing.

Though it is not about any particular android related topic , still we would suggest to through it once. We bet , you will find it awesome.

10. r/Cyanogenmod

This subreddit is about the Cyanogen Mod. Those who do not know what cyanogen mod actually is, it is a custom ROM for android that which is very user-friendly and is actually better that original android ROM.

This subreddit deals with various topics related to cyanogen mod ranging from development to discussion about the cyanogen mod.

If you ever find yourselves stuck while using the cyanogen mod , you can head over to this subreddit and ask your queries there.

Also , if you are curious to know more about this thing,  you can again go to the subreddit and read the topics mentioned there.

11. Mechanical_gifs

Watching the GIF of an industrial automatic machine is fascinating, especially if you could make the GIF to loop perfectly without any apparent cuts. But, this subreddit is not just about GIFs for many users also post interesting videos here. At any rate, it is all about interestingly mechanical and you could spend hours on this subreddit.

12. shittyrobots

Watching robots in action is fun as it is. But, when they goof up, things turn even more hilarious. On this subreddit, people post videos of robots messing up the little tasks they have been assigned. For instance, the tiny robot, instructed to squirt out the ketchup on the plate, overshoots and splashes it all over the little boy’s face.

13. machineporn

As the name suggests, machineporn is all about machines – lots of them. On this subreddit you get to see all kinds of machines, from tiny to heavy duty, at work. You get the see the insides of some of the most mesmerizing machines of our times. If the machines fascinate you or you are drawn to them, this will be a good subreddit for you.

14. AskReddit

Have a question on your mind? AskReddit may have the answer for you. Although there are plenty of question-answer subreddits on Reddit, AskReddit is the most popular of them all. You could look up for a question on the list or ask your own question. If you have a question pertaining to any specific category, there are further subreddits as well, such as AskEngineers.

15. Explain Like I’m Five

Internet is full of information. A lot of times we find it difficult to understand things because of the way they have been explained. Sometimes, we need much simpler explanation without being judged. Explain Like I’m Five or ELI5 is a community where things are explained in the easiest possible way. If you need help pertaining to any topic, you can also ask the redditors.

16. DIY

Love to build things on your own? If yes, DIY is the perfect subreddit community for you. Here you will get plenty of information to create useful things on your own. If you need to build something in particular, simply post the relevant details and DIY community will help you figure it out.

17. ListenToThis

You will find a lot of music related subreddits on Reddit. Most of them feature the popular music streaming sites and apps. If you need to find top-grade music from all kinds of websites – popular and not so much – ListenToThis will help you. You can also find the forgotten or lesser known artists here.

18. Gaming

The gaming enthusiasts want to make sure they are up to date with everything that is new in the world of gaming. That’s exactly what Gaming subreddit is all about. Visit this subreddit regularly and you will be caught up with the new things. If you happen to discover something new, do not forget to share it on this subreddit. You can also find the links to other popular and useful gaming subreddits here.

19. EarthPorn

If you sigh at the sight of the majestic earth and breathtaking landscapes, EarthPorn is the perfect subreddit for you. Users post stunning pictures of nature from around the world. It is true that most pictures are enhanced to look more dramatic, but you will still end up in great awe. There are more specific subreddits as well such as JunglePorn.

20. Fitness

Need we say anything? As you may have already figured, Fitness subreddit is all about that is fitness. Whether you need to learn new workout techniques or are struggling with your day to day fitness, you can get a lot of tips, tricks and inspiration from here. It has everything you need to stay fit as long as you implement it.

21. Food

If you are someone who loves to treat people with new and tasty dishes, subscribe to this subreddit. Here you can learn to cook a variety of dishes from all over the world. There are plenty of pictures as well as recipes to enhance your culinary skills. You will also find various YouTube resources on this subreddit.

22. CampingandHiking

Camping and Hiking are the very common travel activities in all parts of the world. A lot of people love to pack their bags and go out for camping to introduce some adventure in their life. If you are wondering where to head for your camping and hiking excursions, check out this subreddit. If you happen to know a thing or two about camping, post your stuff here and help others out.

23. FanTheories

FanTheories isn’t just about sharing your opinion about movies; it is a platform where you can tell the world about the theories you have related to the movies. There are plenty of movie subreddits out there but this one stands out for its unique content. You could also get to know various aspects of the movie that you might have otherwise not known. Be careful, some spoilers might also be lurking.

24. SketchDaily

It is a community where the sketch artists come together and share their creations with others. This subreddit also introduces a new theme on a daily basis based on which you can draw a sketch and then share it with the world. There is a lot of inspiration to be had from this site if you are an artist.

25. InternetisBeautiful

Yes! Internet is useful. We know that. But, have you ever stopped to think that it might also be beautiful? We are so caught up in the cobweb of social media, news, emails and search engine we often forget to explore the vast world of internet. There is so much out there that is beautiful. This subreddit is all about finding the lesser known and yet beautiful content over the internet.

26. 100yearsago

Do you feel intrigued when you think what might have happened on the current date only 100 years ago? If yes, this is the subreddit for you. This subreddit gets updated every day with the events that happened a century ago on the same day. From Russian Revolution to The Great War, this subreddit has featured everything in the past years.

27. blowit

Do you want your blow your mind away with one sentence? Yes, that’s exactly what this subreddit is all about. The users are allowed to post one sentence that can blow the mind away of the readers. They can include video, image or the website link to better explain their sentence. Proving credibility of the sentence is important.

28. DepthHub

Tired of the superficial discussions that happen on Reddit? Want to have an in-depth insight into the subjects of your interests? Well, DepthHub is the perfect subreddit to visit. Here, users engage in deep discussions about specific topics. You can join an existing thread or create a new one.

29. Fascinating

Fascinating word has been used to describe the content of many subreddits in this article. But, this subreddit is literally fascinating. Whether it is science, history, technology, culture, or just about anything, this subreddit lists only the fascinating stuff. You could spend hours on this subreddit reading through the amazing stuff.

30. Nostalgia

Blast from the past! This subreddit of the present elicits the memories from the past. This is because users are allowed to post only the throwback stuff here. Whether it is an old song you hummed in childhood or the video game you played 20 years ago, Nostalgia subreddit will talk about it all. Revive and relive your memories of the past!

31. LearnUselessTalents

There are lots of skills and tricks we never use in our day to day life but they are so cool we want to learn them. For instance, there is a popular thread on this subreddit which teaches you how to pretend to be a werewolf. Who is going to need this knowledge in practical life? But, it sure is a lot of fun.

32. ChemicalReactionGifs

When our teacher dropped a small of chunk in water, after a little bit of frenzy inside the bowl, it blew up inside water. That was a sight etched in our memories forever. If you love to watch various chemical reactions, subscribe to ChemicalReactionsGifs.  How about dropping a McDonand cheeseburger in hydrochloric acid?

33. PerfectTiming

As the name suggests, this subreddit is about the actions caught at the perfect time in the form of stills or videos. This subreddit does not allow any staged or fake content. For instance, there is a picture taken right at the moment when a man’s bike fell apart while he was riding it. There are many more interesting stories captured in the nick of the time.

34. AnimalsJustBeingBros

This subreddit is dedicated to the animals of same or different specie who love to hangout like humans. For example, there is a GIF of a goat climbing up the back of the horse and then scratching horse’s neck with his forefoot. The horse seems to be enjoying the act. You will find a lot of such posts that range from interesting to hilarious.

35. NotTheOnion

There is serious news on the internet that we are drawn to all the time. Then there is the funny stuff. There are plenty of stories in our world that are true and incredibly hilarious. For instance, a space travel agency is looking for volunteers who would be willing to lie down in the bed for two months.

36. LifeHacks

This subreddit is replete with all the life hacks that make your life easier. The users post the uncommon solutions to the most common challenges we face in our day to day lives. For example, there is a thread that teaches you to make a cake in less than five minutes. You can find a lot of solutions on this subreddit. But, it seems it does not get moderated very frequently and thus you may find some useless stuff too.

37. RandomActofKindness

This subreddit is all about sharing kindness. It is not about sharing the stories of kindness from around the world. It is the opportunity to show kindness or ask for it. For instance, if you need help about something, you can ask the fellow Redditors on this subreddit. If you see a request, you can consider helping others.

38. GetMotivated

Feeling low and lonely in life? Seem to be engulfed by depression? This subreddit can help you come out of your situation. Here you get to read the inspiring stories to get motivated. You learn to manage the difficult situations better. You can also learn a lot of tips and tricks to remain motivated for most parts of your life.

39. SocialSkills

Do you think you lack the much needed social skills to advance in this world? This subreddit is all about enhancing your social skills so that you can interact with people in a better way. There are tips and tricks to help you learn how to deal with various social situations.

40. Awwducational

If you are someone who gets the ‘aww’ sigh at the sight of the cute animals, you will love to be the part of this subreddit. Not only you get to see the cute pictures but you will also learn some interesting facts about various animals.

41. NoSleep

Scientists are still baffled why humans love to be scared so much. Horror is one of the most popular movie genres. If you are looking for some really spooky and scary stories, explore this subreddit right before you sleep. Well, you will not be able to sleep afterwards.

Wrapping it up

Coming to the conclusion , this post contained some great subreddits which are actually an immense source of knowledge. Click on the links provided along with the subreddits , follow those subreddits and go through them. You will find a lot of useful links we are confident enough that you will find them useful.

If you liked this post and our efforts , share this post with your friends and help them too , to find a perfect subreddit for them.