CM Locker For Android – How To Download Guide!

CM Locker For Android – How To Download Guide!

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Android is an extremely popular mobile OS; much of its popularity is owed to its support for customization. Whether or not you have rooted your smartphone, you can customize several aspects of your Android device. If you do not like how the home screen, lock screen, and icons appear, you can change them completely. You can even change the fonts, widgets, keyboard, and even the dialler app. There are innumerable third-party developers who just keep on pushing new tweaks and services to make your phone look even beautiful. Isn’t this really awesome?

There are plenty of apps out there that can totally enhance the appearance and experience of your mobile phone. But, sometimes, it might become really difficult to find the right app for your device. A lot of people wish to change the appearance of the lock screen. For this purpose, they scour the Google Play Store. When you search the Play Store with the keywords ‘Lock Screen,’ you will find a number of options. Unfortunately, it can get pretty tiresome and inconvenient to go on a hit and trial spree. This is why we have picked an app that for the lock screen you will totally love. It is called CM Locker.

Now, no more rummaging the Store as CM Locker is what you could ever ask for from a lock screen app.

An Overview

The choice of the lock screen depends largely on the personal interests and likings. However, there are some features that are almost unanimously accepted by all. The majority of the people would want their lock screen to display the useful information pertaining to weather, date, and time. They would also want the easy access to some of the most frequently used apps through the lock screen. At the same time, we will not want our lock screen to be cluttered and messy.

In order to save your time and effort, we painstakingly used and reviewed a number of apps for the lock screen. Some of them were really innovative and appealing, both aesthetically and functionally. However, CM Locker is the one that clearly stood apart. The appearance of CM Locker alone can make you give it a try for it is so pleasing to the eye. However, besides the visuals, it more than serves the utilitarian value in many ways. It shows the list of the most frequently used apps in a very neat way, lining them up vertically on the left side of the screen. But, there is more!

You can easily compare CM Locker with the sliding lock screen of the recently launched iOS7 devices. It also features the shortcut icon for the camera right at the bottom of your phone’s screen. If you want quick info on weather, you can tap on the weather icon and you will get the details you need. You can also preview your messages before opening them right on the lock screen. There is an icon to change the settings of the lock screen right there.

As already stated, CM Locker shows the list of the most frequently used apps on the left of the screen by default. However, you can easily customize this list by adding and removing the app icons. If you want, you can also move the desired apps to the blacklist. In case you are looking to change the wallpaper of the lock screen (or even the home screen) you can do it without unlocking your phone.

CM Locker is a wonderful app that offers lots of features and functionalities and ensures that there is a clean and clutter-free look to the lock screen.

How to download CM Locker to your Android smartphone?

Downloading CM Locker to your mobile phone is as easy as using it. Thankfully, it is not one of the apps for which you will have to go looking for the APK file. It is an official app and fully supported by Android. You can find the app in the Google Store.

With more than 50 million downloads and an average rating of 4.6, you can be sure that it is a good app to have on your phone.

You can search Google Play Store with the keywords ‘CM Locker.’  You will see many options, but usually it is the first one you will need to install. The app is labeled as CM Locker Repair Privacy Risks.

Choose this app and install it! You are all set to have an amazing lock screen experience

More Features of CM Locker

In addition to what we have outlined above, here are some more features of this awesome app.

Lock Screen Customization: There is no denying that the design of this app is pretty pleasing to the eyes. The app offers many customizations as far as the utility is concerned. However, when it comes to visual customization, there are very limited numbers of wallpapers to choose from. But, that’s not what you would really want to worry about. You can use the Gallery to pick the wallpapers of your choice. Also, there are some third party developers who have designed some really stunning themes for this app. You can look up on Google Play Store for the ‘CM Locker Themes.’

Such apps are more about functionality than the appearance. But, it really is a plus to have an app that can provide such appealing visual enhancements to your lock screen.

Pass-code and animations: CM Locker is a lot about the security of your android mobile phone. The app allows you to add the lock to your lock screen. You can either create a pattern or choose a numerical password to access the home screen.

If you want to know if someone tried to break into your phone, this app will take the picture of the person who would enter the incorrect pattern or password two times.

There are a number of animations you can use with this app. You can also change the animation whenever you want. You can also easily customize the colors and sounds.

CM Locker is one of the best lock screen apps to have on your phone – try it!