Download Periscope Live Streaming for PC/Laptop for Windows 7,8,10 & MAC

Download Periscope Live Streaming for PC/Laptop for Windows 7,8,10 & MAC

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Periscope is sure to be the next big thing in social networking, given how Twitter enjoys the most popularity among social media users and also has among the biggest and most diverse user base, also covering celebrities, publications and funny pages. It makes sense therefore that we give it a good amount of our attention and see how we can get Periscope for PC downloaded and ready to use. Here’s an article to help you figure out everything about it.

How to View Periscope of your PC?

Periscope can be used on web browsers by using the service’s own website ( This is the easiest way to access Periscope on your 0PC. But there are limitations. For example, the web client is not really a viable option when you want to stream videos of yourself. The interface is also pretty limited in the options it offers. It is more like a TV version of the app where you can see the content being streamed on the app. To really use the app in all its capability on your PC, you need to use a different method

Note: Do NOT Use Android Emulators to run Periscope for PC

Android Emulators are known to slow down PCs the more they are used. This is why we discourage using any Emulators on your PC. Instead, use a different software, like a Virtual Machine to run the app. It gives you a better interface (since it basically lets you run the OS you want itself, and not a mimicked version of it). Read below to know how to run Periscope for PC using a virtual machine like VMware. It is free, simple and undoubtedly superior in terms of quality of experience.

How to download Periscope for PC using Virtual Machines

The method we’re about to detail for you here works of Windows and Mac OS devices. Your Windows version needs to be higher than 7. Download VMware from their official site for free; don’t trust third party websites. Also, the software works better with Intel Processors than with AMD processors.

The great thing about this is that Periscope is available for Android as well as iOS, which means you have the liberty to choose what OS you’d rather stay on to use other applications other than Periscope (you’re likely going to want to try out different apps on your PC instead of using the software only to run Periscope). Whatever be the case, the method is fair and simple. Let’s list it down.

  1. The first step is to download VMware Workstation software. It is a freeware and available on its official app. Make sure to check compatibility with your OS and your processor before proceeding.
  2. The file will probably be in a .zip format. Extract the constituent files to a location you can remember.
  3. Among the files extracted, run the installation file. Right click the file and choose run as administrator to do it easily. Once the file is ready and installed, reboot the PC.
  4. Google to find the latest Android OS or Apple’s iOS. Download the file. It could be a somewhat big file, so make sure you have a strong internet connection.
  5. Extract and unlock the file. Double click to open the Unlock folder to unlock the files.
  6. Run the Installation file as Administrator once again. Let Command Prompt work its magic. Don’t punch in anything from the keyboard unless you know what you’re doing.
  7. Open VMware Workstation and your should find your OS listed in the sidebar. Open it and login into it using a gmail ID for Android, or an Apple ID for iOS.
  8. All that is left to do is to go to the App Store or Play Store, and download the app into the virtual OS running your PC. It is exactly like installing the app into an actual Android or iOS phone.
  9. Login with your twitter handle, or create a fresh account on Periscope. The app also allows you to register using your Facebook or Gmail account details. All you need is your handle to be unique.

That’s it! Your PC is now capable of running Periscope with full features, including streaming videos of yourself, following people and interacting with other users.


Does this method let me use Periscope online or without download?

Well, using a Virtual Machine to run Periscope lets you run the app natively on the OS it is meant for. It requires you to have an online connection. However, you do need to download the app and the software, so the only way to use Periscope on web alone is to use the online client of the app. The online website version has fewer features to offer, though.

How do I broadcast Periscope from my PC?

You can use Periscope on your PC just as easily as you use on your mobile phone. Tap the camera icon, put in a title if you wish, and press “Go Live” to start streaming. Using the virtual machine means your OS recognises your PC camera like that on a smartphone.

How to download periscope videos for PCs?

Unfortunately, there is no way the videos can be downloaded to any device from the Periscope app or website. We’ve tried out a few ways, like using Vidmate, ADM or other such apps, but none of them have worked for us. Know any ways that work to download periscope videos on PC? Tell us in the comments below.

Can I give out Super Hearts while using Periscope on my PC?

You can! Whatever you can do on your smartphone while using the app can be accomplished on the virtual machine as well. This includes exchanging coins, searching by location, sharing feeds with friends or over social media and so much more.

Why do you speak against using Emulators? They work fine for me…

I’m glad your emulator is working okay. It might not stay that way for long, if our experience is anything to go by. Emulators, be it iOS, Android or any other kind, are notorious for slowing down PCs and making everything you do on your PC a hellish experience. Trust us and avoid using an emulator. Or just wait a few weeks and chances are your PC will prove us right.

Need any more information on using Periscope for your PC? Leave us a comment below.