12 Best iPhone Web Browsers 2019

12 Best iPhone Web Browsers 2019

The evolution in the smartphone technology has resulted in higher internet traffic coming from the mobile devices. But, it is important to give the users the same level of browsing experience on the small screen of the mobile phone as they have on the big desktops. This is why a mobile browser is not just about internet access any longer; it is also about the overall internet experience. Here is the list of the 12 best browser for iPhone you can use and these are the most used web browser.


Safari tops the list not necessarily because it is the best mobile web browser (which it may arguably be), but also because it is built into iPhones and all other iOS devices. There is absolutely no denying that Safari is a great browser and being the native app leverages well on many exclusive features Apple has to offer. Safari is fast and reliable. It also does not eat up a lot of space on your iPhone. It lets you sync password and tabs across all iOS and Mac devices. You can sync the tabs only if you also use a Mac computer. If you toggle internet access frequently between mobile phone and Mac, this feature makes your work more seamless. Safari also offers a Reader’s Mode which makes even the most cluttered pages easy to read.

The browser is extremely easy to use as you would expect from any Apple application. Safari fulfills all your basic browsing needs with incredible ease and style. However, if you are looking for something more advanced, you may want to try one of the other browsers on this list.

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Google Chrome

Undeniably, Google Chrome is one of the best ios web browsers available. It is also the most widely used browser. While Chrome first became popular among the desktop users and almost instantly made Internet Explorer redundant, it was only after a few years it was launched for mobile phones.

This cross-platform browser is now extensively used by the iPhone users as well. If you are using the same Google ID for sign-in, Chrome will sync your browsing history and bookmarks across all the devices. In case you are using the same iCloud sign-in on multiple iOS devices, you can sync the tabs as well. Chrome is an extremely light browser and downloads the websites pretty fast.

The layout and interface are simple and easy to use. Chrome bookmarks the frequently accessed websites on the home screen so that you can access the quickly. It also uses a voice feature that lets you browse using your voice (just in case you don’t feel like typing). Tabbed browsing is also available but switching between tabs may not be as quick as you might like.

It also does not have any feature similar to Reader’s Mode of Safari. So, if a web page is cluttered, you may find it difficult to read. In spite of this, Google Chrome is among the top on this list because of many other great features that overshadow its shortcomings. If you are looking for something fuss-less and easy to use, Chrome is your buddy browser.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla has been developing browsers for the longest time known. It has been around since before Chrome or Safari. Although it is not as popular as Chrome, it still has a huge loyal user base. Just like Safari and Chrome, Firefox also lets you sync your history and bookmarks across all the devices as long as you are using the same Mozilla account for sign-in on all of them.

Firefox for iPhone (rather iOS) brings the best that Firefox is known for along with some cool features specific to iOS. For instance, you can save all the login details using the TouchID feature of iOS. It also allows you to share the URL from Safari. Since Apple does not allow you to change the default browser, this feature can be used as a workaround. It also has a ‘Reader’ which makes the text more intelligible even if the web page is messed up allowing you to have a comfortable reading experience.

Mozilla also has a special standalone privacy browser, which does not save any history or cookies and also disables the web trackers. Unlike Chrome’s incognito mode, Firefox Focus is not a feature but a separate app.

Opera Mini

Opera isn’t truly a very popular ios web browser for desktops. However, its mobile version, Opera Mini, has a huge user base. Just like the other browsers on this list so far, Opera Mini allows you to sync all your history, password, and bookmarks across all the devices using the Opera account. There are plenty of themes to pick from to customize the appearance of the browser. The interface is intuitive and with swipes left and right you can access various options including history. Navigation with Opera Mini is very comfortable and suits the needs of most types of mobile users.

The most incredible aspect of this browser is the compression technology it uses. There is Opera Turbo which can cut down the size of the web page by nearly half without any noticeable changes in the performance or quality. If you have a very slow internet connection, you can use another compression mode which can bring down the size to one-tenth of the original. Yes, there are issues with this kind of compression but at least you will be able to get the information you are looking for. It also has a night mode which makes the pages legible at night without straining the eyes.

Although Opera has a measly market share, its Opera Mini browser is loved by users worldwide. Opera boasts of the best-in-class data compression mode named Opera Turbo, which reduces the web page size by up to 50%. It also has a Opera Mini compression mode, which lets you reduce web page size to as little as 10% of the original. Sometimes, it can break the page structure, but it is beneficial for people who live in areas where Internet connection is spotty. But there’s so much more to love about Opera Mini apart from the compression features.

Opera Coast

Opera seemingly wasn’t content with just one mobile browser and hence it came up with another called Opera Coast (and there is Opera Neon for the desktop computers.)  If you are a fan of everything traditional when it comes to web browsing, Coast may not truly be the best browser for you. However, if you like trying new things, there is a good chance you might like this one. Coast lets you find the new content of your choice easily. It also has many new features for social media.

Opera has completely changed the interface of this browser as compared to the Opera Mini. It has a tile-styled user interface that you can navigate using the gestures. It brings to its home screen the finest, personalized content for you. As already mentioned, it has a lot of social media features allowing you to share easily on Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms. Thankfully, this browser also uses Opera Turbo to compress the web pages for faster browsing experience. Opera Coast isn’t very feature-rich, but if you love exploring new content and sharing it on social media give it a try.

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser had been around for the Android users for a long time. It was later introduced on the iOS platform. It will not be an exaggeration to say that Dolphin became a big success among the iPhone users in a very short span of time. Dolphin Browser was also one of the early adopters of the gesture navigation technology for web browsers. You can set the personalized gestures for various activities. For instance, you can launch the desired web page (or website) or access browser features using the special gestures. For instance, if you wish to open Twitter.com by drawing a ‘T’ on the screen, you could set the desired gesture. Dolphin is highly feature-rich and you might get confused in the beginning. But, once you get used to it, you may perhaps not want to use any other browser.

As you would expect in any basic mobile browser, Dolphin lets you sync the bookmarks, history and passwords across various devices. There are various themes you can use to customize the visual appeal of the browser. It also has an ad-blocking feature, which can be turned on to disable the advertisements. While the browser is free to download and use, there are some cool in-app purchases too. For instance, you can buy the feature called Dolphin Sonar, which allows you to search for the content and share it by shaking your iOS device.

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If you are looking for an iPhone web browser that offers you highly secure and private browsing environment, you should definitely give Ghostery a try. Most of us do not like the intrusion by the advertisers who sneak into your history to know your browsing habits so that they can display the ads most relevant to you. Ghostery is the app designed for those who love the anonymity and privacy. You don’t need to sign up in order to use the browser. The app does not use any cookies and thus keeps the advertisers away. The browser itself does not collect any data from you.

In fact, Ghostery will instantly spot any ad-tracker on a web page and flag it with a red icon. You can view the list of all the trackers and then block those you don’t want to see again. It also has a special feature called Wi-Fi Connection Protection which can spot the ad-trackers in other apps as well on a particular Wi-Fi.


There are some features that make Puffin web browser for iPhone truly unique. It features a mouse tool that allows you to navigate the websites with the help of a cursor or pointer. You can have this browser load only the desktop version of the websites. If you are watching a video, you can use the Theater Mode, which will show the video in full screen and hide other elements of the web page.

This browser also uses an effective compression technology to reduce the size of the web page thereby allowing faster loading time and less data usage. If you love watching a lot of Flash content then Puffin should be a great choice for you.

VPN Browser

If anonymity and privacy during browsing is what you are looking for then VPN browser could be a great choice for you. This browser lets you access the web on your iPhone almost completely incognito. It connects your phone to various proxy servers around the globe and attempts to give you as much anonymity as possible.

This TOR based browser may seem to be a bit slow but that is all because it is trying to hop from one server to another to give you the desired privacy of browsing.

While VPN offers many privacy features, it lacks in several essential browser features. Also, it is fraught with ads that pop-up so frequently that it becomes difficult to have a smooth browsing experience. But, you can get rid of the ads by buying the pro version for $0.99

Onion Browser

Just like the VPN Browser, Onion also uses the TOR technology to provide anonymity to the web browsers. The internet network relayed through the TOR network offers additional privacy to you. There is no way you can be tracked by the websites. Also, you can access all the .onion websites.

Mercury Browser

Mercury is a regular ios browser with regular browsing features. Honestly, it does not have a lot to offer. So, why would you want to use it? Well, if it isn’t any better, it isn’t bad either. If you want to try a different browser because you are bored of the more popular ones, you can go for Mercury Browser. It has gesture-based navigation, effective data compression, built-in QR scanner, and several customization options.

Brave Browser

As the name might suggest, the browser doesn’t really do anything very daring. It is a decent browser with some built-in security features. For instance, it activates HTTPS browsing everywhere and has anti-phishing features. It also blocks the trackers and scripts.