[Solved] How to Install WhatsApp on an iPad?

[Solved] How to Install WhatsApp on an iPad?


Now, You have whatsapp for androidiOSwindows and even web.

What about WhatsApp for iPad?

You’ll find out in a few minutes.

You probably do not belong to this world if you haven’t heard of WhatsApp. If we set the technicalities aside, and ask to put in general, everyone would raise his/her hands to define the power and impact of this instant messaging application on his/her daily regimen.

WhatsApp is a superb application, synonymous with the idea of unbridled communication we longed for. Come on, who doesn’t wish to talk unstoppably, especially when the conversation is going on pretty well. Talking like a geek, WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform instant messaging application that works seamlessly on BlackBerry, Android, Windows, iPhone, Symbian and what not. Once installed, the app gives unprecedented access to the users to say their words in the form of text, images, audio and video clips, and all this for gratis. It operates on local Wi-Fi connection, or a 3G pack on your smartphone, and bring cutbacks in phone expenses.

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Coming into existence in 2009, WhatsApp is the materialization of the simultaneous conceptions of two Yahoo virtuosos – Brian Acton and Jan Koum. Today, WhatsApp has emerged as an indomitable force, and is used for location sharing and group chats.

WhatsApp is unassailably strong with over a billion downloads on Google Play. The factor that has put more shine into its magnificence is its takeover by the social media giant Facebook in 2014. The application is ubiquitous on account of its browser version and voice calling feature.

The kind of mass acceptance and popularity WhatsApp has garnered can be equaled to none. There is no iota of doubt when we say that WhatsApp has made an high-octane entry into the global markets, and till now, its success graph has never dipped even to the least position. It was January 2015 when WhatsApp clobbered its opponents and grabbed the title of being the most popular messaging app with a mouth-falling user count going beyond 600 million worldwide. What is more stupefying and will make you throw a vacant look is the dramatic increase in its users by 200 million within a period of just three months in April 2015.

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Downloading WhatsApp on iPad, Is it Possible?

Probably, Yes.

The founders and innovators of WhatsApp have kept on breaking new grounds, so as to ensure nothing, bringing flak to this messaging miracle. WhatsApp is truly incredible, chock-full of fantastic features, which have added a unique flavor to the cell phone messaging. However, it may sadden you to know that WhatsApp isn’t available officially on iPad or the iPad Touch. Though the task is quite fiddly, it shouldn’t dissuade you from pursuing it.

Downloading WhatsApp on iPad will lead you on a circuitous route to work on the software,  i-funbox and iTunes, simultaneously to complete the process. It is imperative to have such software to bring your aim to a positive conclusion. These two pieces of software can be easily installed from their respective official websites.

Once you finish up with the necessary software installations, follow the below-mentioned steps hereafter.

1- First of all, what should be done by you is to insert the SIM card of your iPad into the iPhone. In case, your iPad has no SIM card, you can give this step a miss.

2- Switch on the iPhone, and this time, you need to install WhatsApp again from iTunes. If the application has been already installed, uninstall and re-install it.

3- As soon as the installation process ends, attach the iPhone to the computer using an USB cable. Once you are notified of such a connection, start i-funbox software, where you will gain access to iPhone’s files and folders.

4- Take the process further by finding the WhatsApp folders and copying them to the desktop of your computer.

5- Once copied, pull out the USB cable and disunite the connection.

6- The time has come to start the iTunes app and search WhatsApp using the search tool. Click on the download option and an .ipa file will emerge suggestive of the app installation.

7- You will be able to find the .ipa file in the Programs folder where iTunes app have been saved. Copy the folder and paste it on the desktop again.

8- By now, you have reached the next level of the process, and the most vital one indeed. Connect the iPad using  a USB cable with your computer.

9- Start i-funbox again and tap on the ‘WhatsApp Installer’ you have previously saved on the desktop. This will kick-start the installation of WhatsApp on iPad.

10- Within a gap of few minutes, the WhatsApp will get installed on the iPad for use. The next step is to find the application on ‘User Applications’ and swap all the files and folder for the iPhones ones. You can find the on the desktop.

Note: – This method works for ipad mini, ipad 2 and ipad 3. You don’t need to jailbreak your ipod. Just follow the instructions given above and whatsapp will install on ipad.

This way, WhatsApp will be installed on your iPad, and you will no longer depend on any other device to reach your loved ones. We should live with a prospect of a quick and direct way to get WhatsApp on our iPad which is carried out by the owners themselves.

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