10+ Best Password Manager Apps for Android, iOS, Mac and PC

10+ Best Password Manager Apps for Android, iOS, Mac and PC

In this age of Internet, a person has a lot many accounts on various websites. As is the case a person normally uses the same password for different accounts. This may pose problems in the long run, because once a person gets hold of the password, he has access to all your accounts. This in turn, may turn out to be a tragic experience. In case you use different passwords for different accounts, you need to remember all the accounts and their passwords. It is quite the chance that you would forget the passwords.

In order to get rid of these problems it is necessary to have a good password manager that encrypts your password, keeps it safe, and is easily accessible. Here is a list of some of the best free password manager apps for Android, iOS, PC, and Mac.


KeePass is an open source software that can be used to store passwords to a single database. You just have to remember a single master password and all the passwords are available to you easily. It can also be used to generate random strong passwords which are quite difficult to track. It makes use of AES and Twofish algorithm.

Being open source you are provided with the added advantage where you can add any other algorithm that you think suits you the most. Apart from this it also provides quite a strong security which can prove out to be quite difficult to crack passwords.

KeePass is available for various devices, like; PC, Ubuntu, Linux, Android, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Pocket PC, and various other devices.

KeyPass For PC


KeyPass For Mac

KeyPass For iPad and iPhone


LastPass is another password manager software available for a wide range of devices, like; Windows PC, iPhone, iPad, Linux, Android, and various browsers. It is also available in free, premium and enterprise versions. The best part of this software is this you can access it on any device and the data between the devices is easily synced between them.

It can be used to generate password randomly, auto remember the password, audit and auto change password. It also provides autofill support, fingerprint support, and two layer authentication. Apart from saving passwords, you can also save your other important data securely.

LastPass For PC

LastPass For Android

LastPass For iPad or iPhone

LastPass For Mac


TrueKey is an amazing password management software which you can use to manage passwords. It provides easy sign in options by using Face recognition, Fingerprint technology, email, master password, and much more such options. An extra security option can also be added. The best part about TrueKey is that it automatically saves and enters the password.

The data is synced across different devices which let’s you access data from anywhere immediately. It is available for Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android. It is also available for different browsers. Both free and previous versions are available for this software.

TrueKey For PC

TrueKey For iPhone and iPad

TrueKey For Android


RoboForm is another good password manager software available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. You can login to the websites with a single click as it supports login in bookmark styles. It automatically syncs across different devices, so need to not worry about the passwords that are to be stored in different devices.

The passwords can be retrieved using a single master password and an extra layer of security can also be added. You can also use it to fill out forms and generate strong passwords.

RoboForm For PC

RoboForm For iOS

RoboForm For Mac

RoboForm For Android

Norton Identity Safe

Norton Identity Safe is an extension provided by Norton which stores the password. It can also be used to autofill forms and thereby be used to ease the tasks. In order to install Norton Identity Safe, you need to have Norton Security Toolbar installed along with it.

Home Page Of Norton Identity Safe

Password Safe and Manager

Password Safe and Manager is an android app which you can use to save and store passwords. It also lets you generate strong passwords. This app makes use of 256bit AES encryption method. Using a single master password you can free yourself of the burden of remembering the various password.

It can also be used to fill out forms for different apps also. You cannot, however, sync the password across devices. In order to share the database, you have to upload it to some cloud platform.

Password Safe and Manager


Keeper is a multiplatform password manager software and is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Windows phone, and tablets. The password can be managed for different websites and services. It also let you generate the strong password, autofill password, and organize platforms.

The most distinctive feature of this software is that it lets you store and share sensitive documents securely.

Keeper For Android

Keeper For iOS

Keeper for Windows


Dashlane is a digital wallet software for multiple platforms that can be used to manage passwords. Along with the password, it can also be used to save various other information, like credit cards, bank information, etc. This also helps you login to different websites and is easily synced across different devices.

Dashlane For Android

Dashlane For PC


1Password is another beautiful password manager software which you can use to manage passwords, pin codes, credit cards, docs, etc. and store them. Using this you can also manage the passwords where you can change duplicate or weak password.

A single app is enough for the entire family. The passwords sync automatically across devices, and can also be used to share password and document securely.

1Password for PC

1Password for MAC

1Password for Android

1Password for iOS

Sticky Password

Sticky Password is a cross-platform password manager software that lets you store passwords and use it to automatically form filling into the websites. Here you can save and manage your identities, app accounts, web accounts, bookmarks, and memos. It makes use of AES 256 web encryption standard and also uses biometric authentication. The data can be synced across different devices and you can also perform a cloud backup of different devices.

Sticky Password For PC

Sticky Password For Mac

Sticky Password For Android

Sticky Password For iOS

Password Boss

Password Boss lets you manage multiple passwords across multiple devices and lets you login automatically. You just need to remember a master password and all the passwords, usernames, and forms are automatically entered. You can also store the credit card information and other related secure data. The data can also be shared securely.

Password Boss For PC

Password Boss For Android

Password Boss For iOS

ZOHO Vault

ZOHO Vault is a popular enterprise level cross platform software that lets you store passwords and access it anywhere to log in to the websites with a single click. It supports AES-256 encryption standard. It can also be used to share files and password securely and assign ownership for them. Password policies can also be established for an organization and you can use it to generate strong passwords, import bulk password, and export passwords.

ZOHO Vault For PC

ZOHO Vault For Android

ZOHO Vault For iOS

Password Vault Manager

Using Password Vault Manager you can save the passwords to a single location. You just have to remember a single password and the password data is available at your fingertips. Apart from passwords, various other information can be beautifully organized in the form of folders and files.

There are some other options as well that you can use to manage passwords in organizations. You can also import passwords from other password management tools, like; Password Safe, LastPass, KeePass, 1password, etc.

Password Vault Manager


mSecure lets you store, share, and manage passwords and critical files securely. It is available for Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows devices. It makes use of Blowfish data encryption 256-bit algorithm that is impossible to crack. This can also be used to generate the complex password.

The data is synced easily between devices so you need not worry about the passwords and can be easily accessed at any moment of time.

mSecure For Windows and Mac

mSecure For Android

mSecure For iOS


Encryptr is another cross-platform app that you can use to access saved password, and save passwords, credit card information and other information to a central location. It can also be used to generate strong passwords for you. The password is easily synced across different devices.

Encryptr For Windows and Mac

Encryptr For Android

Encryptr For iOS

Password Safe

Password Safe is a multiplatform software that can be used to save multiple passwords at a single location and manage them quite easily. In order to do so, you have to remember a master password and rest of the passwords are automatically available to you whenever required.

Password Safe For Windows

Password Safe For Android

Password Safe For iOS

Use these password managers to easily store your passwords and access it anytime you require. These can also be used to manage your passwords, update, and delete them.