Free Games Like Counter Strike- Top 10 List!

Free Games Like Counter Strike- Top 10 List!

Counter Strike is inarguably one of the most popular first-person shooter, multiplayer video games. The objective of the game is simple – kill the enemies. There is no storyline or plot. If you have played free games like Counter Strike, you may be looking for a video game that can offer similar if not the same kind of experience. We have put together a list of 10 games that you would like to play after having played Counter Strike. Here we have collected some of the best counter strike alternative games you can play.

1) S.K.I.L.L. – Special Force 2

The multiplayer, first-person shooter market is flooded with innumerable games. In order for a game to stand out, it needs to make sure it has a lot to offer to the players. It is the player base that determines the fate of any multiplayer game. A game that attracts more players is the one that packs different game modes, lots of maps, a good story and gameplay, and of course a glitch free, seamless gaming experience.

S.K.I.L.L – Special Force 2 seems to be the game that checks on almost all the counts. With more than 20 maps and advanced graphics, this is definitely one of the best alternatives to Counter Strike. The design of the game is also pretty good. You get large areas to fight the enemies from the distance and there are close quarter battles too. You can also choose from a number of weapons for different types of battles. This game is pretty similar to mobile strike for PC and you are certainly going to enjoy it with your friends.

2) Overwatch

Overwatch introduces a lot of aesthetics in the design and at the same time offers an excellent gameplay experience. Unlike most other first person shooters, online games, Overwatch is not just about how great your aim is or how tactfully you maneuver in the arena. In order to succeed, you need to be attentive and watchful. You need to keep an eye on every corner as the enemy can emerge from anywhere. This makes the game all the more interesting. Just like Counter Strike, this game also features a number of maps and different game modes. The graphics are pretty top-notch too. There are a number of weapons to choose from including assault rifles, sidearms, grenades, RPG, shotguns, and more. There are also a number of characters to pick from. What’s incredible is that each character has its own skill sets that make it different from the others. This is the best free games like counter strike you should check it out and give it a try.

3) Warframe

Warframe is a shooter game available on PS4 and PC. Released in 2013, Warframe became extremely popular among the multiplayer gaming enthusiasts. The game focuses on the co-op modes and you can play it in the third-person mode.

The game environment is very futuristic and seems to take you in the middle of a science-fiction movie. You take control of the player named Tenno who is a warrior and has been in cyro induced hibernation for hundreds of years.  The world has completely transformed and is not what it used to be before the warrior went to sleep. Warframe uses the co-op gameplay mode wherein 4 players can fight the battles together. There is a wide range of weapons to choose from. The characters are also highly customizable so that you can lend them the abilities and powers to win the battles. You earn the credits as the game progresses which can be used to upgrade your character further.

4) Borderlands 2

At the first look, Borderlands 2 appears to be a hardcore first person shooter game. However, when you are a bit longer into the game, you realize that it has borrowed a lot of features from the role-playing game models as well. We all know that Borderlands 1 was a rage among the gamers. Borderlands 2 game has picked up everything that was great about its predecessor and has added many more exciting elements to enhance your gaming experience. Some of the aspects of the first edition that you loved, such as plundering, narrative, and swift maneuvers, are now even better in the latest installment. Borderlands 2 offers you loads of weapons and armors to choose from. You also get to upgrade the skills of the character over the course of the game progress. The graphics are great and the game design is pretty awesome too.

5) Blacklight: Retribution

Featuring the cyberpunk theme, this first person shooter game is available for PS4 and Windows. What makes this game stand out from the rest is that it offers the players the ability to highly customize the weapons. It also uses superior quality graphics making it one of the best alternatives to Counter Strike.

The game also offers a number of playing styles to choose from. However, remember that while it is easy to switch the styles, it can cost you a lot of credits. Therefore, it is best to choose one style and build the character’s skill set upon it for a particular narrative.  Unlike many other games, here your playing character gets hold of better weapons before the non-playing characters. Weapon customization helps you pick the right loadout for the battles. Customization is not only for weapons but also extends to accessories, grenades, and special items.

6) Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 is the sequel to Left 4 Dead, which was a highly acclaimed game of its time. However, Left 4 Dead 2 has taken the things many notches up and enhanced the overall gameplay experience. The campaigns offered by the latest edition are much more interactive and intriguing than its predecessor. The game is more customizable and offers more game modes than the first edition. This first-person shooter game uses the multiplayer co-op mode and boasts of a large community. Left 4 Dead 2 offers 5 game modes including a Single Player mode allowing you to play the game without any intrusion from other players. There are more tweaks and styles as compared to the first installment of the game. The co-op mode of the game requires you to make strategies with the fellow players in order to beat the infected ones. The game uses advanced AI and changes the difficulty level to match the skills of the players.

7) Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is another first-person shooter game that has become exceedingly popular among the gaming enthusiasts. Set in the time of World War 1, this game is not exactly a hardcore multiplayer game. In fact, it has been acclaimed more for its single player campaign. The playable characters of the game do not have any special skills to develop. However, the game has been designed using a very advanced game engine and looks very realistic. There are 5 stories to play and each one of them is very close to the reality. The graphics are exceptional and make for the highly immersive gaming experience.

We are, however, not discounting the Multiplayer mode in any way. Battlefield 1 packs Conquest and Rush game modes that the Battlefield players are already familiar with. However, it also consists of many new modes such as Operations and Pigeons. The Multiplayer mode also features eight classes.

8) Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

If you are someone who loves playing role playing games, not in the third-person but the first-person perspective, this is the game you must grab. There are only very few games that can bring the best of both the genres in a single package. Although the game modes aren’t anything like what Counter-Strike offers, the gameplay bears many similarities. Unfortunately, this game does not have a multiplayer mode. But, it is still worth your time. The game landscape is truly breathtaking for the most part. But, what makes the game really amazing is the set of special gadgets that can be used during the game play. The map is very detailed and very well designed. The game narrative is very tight and keeps you engaged at all times. The protagonist of the game is a cyborg with many special abilities.

9) Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

This is the kind of game where tactics become more important than your aiming abilities and reflexes. This game features a very destructible environment allowing you to bring down just about anything from vehicles to structures. There are lots of powerful guns you can use to cause the havoc in the enemy camp. However, brute force can only be used once you have planned your strategies well. You will not be able to progress without the proper tactics.

In this game, you get to play one of the Rainbow team’s operators. There are many operators with different skills, abilities, nationalities and weapons. There are exactly 20 operators out of which 10 are defenders and 10 are attackers. You need to use the operators wisely depending upon the requirement of the battlefield. The game features a co-op mode, multiplayer mode, as well as single player mode.

10) Doom

Doom is arguably the closest resembling game to Counter Strike. Doom had been around for a while but it got a new makeover and introduced HD gameplay for the first time in 2016. The game is supposedly more difficult than the other first-person shooter games in that it offers very limited ammo and you need to make your moves very carefully. You play the character named Doom guy whose objective is to terminate the demons on planet Mars. The game gets more difficult as it progresses. You will find health boosters strewn across the map but that might not be enough if you are not very watchful. The game introduces a new melee execution system that allows you to take down the enemy with a melee. You are rewarded with extra health if you are able to execute this move successfully. Counter strike like games you can also enjoy these games like you enjoy playing counter strike.